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Monday, September 8, 2014

review: sex and the single vampire by Robin Covington

Sex and the Single Vamp by Robin CovingtonThis about 3.5 stars...

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

I am finally glad that i am getting a big chunk of my book reviews done..

this story was a quick story, but it really wasn't for me...

This is about a 200 year old romance between a vampire and a human. Deacon was a vampire and was in love with CiCi. He would never tell her what she was. Well, he asked her to marry him. She said no and picked another man. He was forever hurt and avoided her. One night when he went to check on her and her family he smelled lots of blood. Her whole family was dead. Except her her and her father. Her father made Deacon promise that he would change her and keep her safe forever. he made that promise because Her father was a good friend of his.
The only problem is after he changed her, he left her with a witch and that was that. So many years later CiCi wants to know who her marker is because she has some hate and questions. She has to suck up her pride and Find Deacon. she needs a favor..
Deacon already knows why she needs helps, but likes to hear her say it. CiCi owns a dating company for humans and supernaturals. No one likes the idea, but she is all about soul mates. The only issue is that 4 people that are in her clientele are dead. The police suspect her, and she also is getting death threats. Deacon tells CiCi that he will help her for free. The only thing she has to do is sleep with him. She really wants to sleep with him because this sexual tension was building for over 200 years. she agrees because she loves her business.
Deacon is helping save CiCi, but it starts to get hard when a group that hates supernaturals try to kill CiCi twice. He is taking this personal and now she is staying with him. OF course their sexual tension finally gets the best of them and most of the book is about their sexual adventures.. When a human places a curse on CiCI things will change forever.. She is now human... Deacon is now on a path to fix this the only problem is when he finds out how he is left with a big decision for the both of them.