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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alice in Rapture, Sort of ( Alice # 2) by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

 Alice in Rapture, Sort Of by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  5 banned stars!!

I am so happy that my library has these books. I read them as a child, but it is so nice to re-read this series.

Alice is starting seventh grade, and her friends were telling her all the "in's" to be cool. Like, if you did not have a boyfriend you were going to be considered a "dog" and it will be twice as hard to make friends. So Alice decided that she was going to help Elizabeth, her best friend get a boyfriend.

Alice was still dating Patrick, and she was wondering what someone her age buys for a birthday gift for a boy. Since, she doesn't have a mother she calls her aunt and she gives her the worst advice. She asked her brother and her dad and no one wants to help. she was on her own, and it is funny to see what she comes up with. Patrick started "making out" with her and her dad is starting to not like the idea of her with her first summer boyfriend.

Alice invites her two best friends to ocean city where all of them will find out that growing up isn't as fun as they think. There will be a disaster over a bra, swimsuit, and BOYS!!! Alice will find out that Patrick is coming too and she will get a lot of firsts!!

Alice gets her first job as a babysitter, and that alone is very funny and will leave you laughing. Alice's father is slowly getting back into the dating game, and Alice will find out who her emergency mom is! Alice and her two friends will deal first hand with their first boyfriend drama, breakup, and sticking together no matter what!

this book is a coming to age story that continues where it left off on the first book.