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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review: Chocolate chip cookie murder ( Hannah swanson # 1) by Joanne Fluke

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke   5 cozy stars

This was a great mystery book. My favorite part of it was the recipes for making things!!!

Hannah is living her dream. She owns her own cookie shop. everyone loves her cookies. She brings them everywhere as a conversation starter. Hannah's mother is horrible. She is trying to get Hannah married. any man in town who is currently single, divorced, or widowed is fair game to Hannah's mom. Hannah was perfectly happy living alone with her cat.

On a normal day Hannah was going to her shop when she noticed that her milk delivery man was running late. Then when her sister came to the shop for her to watch her niece she was piecing things together. Her niece said she heard the truck backfire. Hannah went to see if the truck was broken. That is when she found the body. now Hannah is teaming up with her brother-in-law to solve this crime.

Hannah will go around interviewing everyone she thinks would be involved. Like all mystery's this will get Hannah in trouble. She will dig enough that her brother will start to worry. Hannah will start to see the town dentist. As she is going to the ball she finds out shocking news that he told her.

meanwhile, Hannah's sister will get involved because she feels guilty about always dumping things on her sister. this is like the blind leading the blind and it will have you smiling!

This story is pretty interesting to figure out because the person they expect you to pick is not who it is!!! have fun solving!