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Saturday, November 29, 2014

review: Kidness for weakness by Shawn Goodman

 Kindness for Weakness by Shawn Goodman  5 tearful stars

This is going on my top 5 favorite books.

I have worked in juvenile placement for a long time. This book is totally true. This story follows a boy who has a broken home and no one to look up to. His brother is a big time drug dealer and sends him to be his mule. He of course get arrested and now has to spend the next year in placement

This story then shows a innocent boy learning to be a man in placement. He is faced with tons of new life choices. IS there anyone he can trust? the only thing that keeps him going is his English teacher who writes him and gives him books to read with life lessons in them.

The placement center where he is house is corrupt. The guards do whatever they want because the investigators are also employed by the placement. A lot of people work gets changed so no guards get into trouble.

Finally this 15 year old boy stands up for himself and for others which will lead him in a deadly situation. This is such a sad story which will leave you to tears. The best part of this story is i could see my old placement facility that i worked for...