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Saturday, November 8, 2014

review: Plum Lovin ( stephanie plum 12.5)

 Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich   5 love is in the air stars

well, this was a very quick read. This book was really funny.

Diesel is back and he is teaming up with Stephanie. he is staying at the house and Stephanie is finding it hard to resist him. Diesel is watching over Annie at a safe house. Stephanie wants Annie because she is a huge bond. Now Stephanie has to help Diesel so she can get her bound.

Stephanie is now working at a match maker. That was Annie's job. She has 5 people to help find true love before valentines day. She was actually starting to like it. The only problem was her sisters boyfriend was on that list! Albert! he needed help getting married.

meanwhile Lula and tank are started to get closer but find themselves in trouble and needing Stephanie's help. Stephanie will become a matchmaker, babysitter, bond enforcement, and sex expert by the end of this story.

their really isn't a mystery to this book, but it was a nice continuance to the story. Stephanie still didn't have to decided who she wants to be with, but to me it looks like she is adding another man to the mix!