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Sunday, November 9, 2014

review:Definitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia London

 Definitely, Maybe in Love by Ophelia London   3 it was o.k. stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

This wasn't a bad book. It had a great outline, but I think this one wasn't for me. I had a hard time reading this version because it had tons of typos. I know it wasn't the final edition, but it is hard to read and review a book when half a word is missing and you have to figure out what they are trying to say..

Spring is a total feminist. She is going to Standford and is working on her thesis. She is ahead of schedule and is an over achiever. She doesn't listen to any music sung by men, and she doesn't eat meat. She wasn't always like this. She wanted to prove herself for who I have no idea. she meets her new neighbors who happen to be rich. she is mad because they drive a viper and do not care about the environment. but Spring has a soft spot for one of the guys... Henry.

Enter Henry Knightly, a new student at Standford who is attending law school Henry comes from a wealthy family of landowners, is studying to be a lawyer, and stands for all the things that Spring detests. They first meet at a party, in which Spring overhears Henry saying he's not attracted in the slightest to a tree-hugger like her. He also acts very aloof and snobbish. Spring tries to avoid him, but when her roommate falls in love with henry's best friend, things start to change.

Henry is helping Spring with her thesis. Her professor says she needs another angle/ a different side of it. She doesn't believe she needs the other side, but wants to finish her 2 year old research. I love the back and forth between Henry and Spring. they both have big egos and are die hard about their opinions. You know what they say about opposites attract.

As things start to heat up secrets start to come out. Spring has to decide who she trusts and what she wants. There is a lot of rumors going on about Henry that will have spring loving and then hating him. Lilah, Springs worst enemy is Henry roommates sister and finds herself fighting with her more than usual. Turns out that Lilah and Henry have some history which add to the jealously that Lilah already has for Spring.

through out this story is a meant to be love story. Henry and Spring will find themselves meeting when they least expect to see each other and they know it is fate but are both in denial. it takes a while for this relationship to finally blossom which made me to mad like FINALLY IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!!!

What is a love story without drama.. this story is a cross between pretty in pink and pride and prejudiced. i am a sucker for love stories, but hate the I don't know what i want female...