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Monday, April 27, 2015

review: bad Bridesmaid by portia macintosh

 Bad Bridesmaid     4 it was o.k. stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review....

O.K. I have mixed signals about this book. It ended up being a really good book, BUT.... you have to really, I mean really push through a lot of it.

This story follows a woman named Mia. She lives In L.A living the dream. She writes scripts for romantic comedies. She gets paid great money, but her only down fall is her family. She is like the outcast. Now she is flying back to the U.K. to be a bridesmaid for her sisters wedding.

Now here is where I can start to hate on the book. Mia used to be a fat girl. She was smart and shy and was a "yes lady" well, she was tired of getting bullied by her sister and her friends that she lost all her weight, changed how she looked, and made a career of herself. Her family has totally acted that she was not there. I mean her parents had a wedding fund for both her and her sister. When she arrived off the plane her mother made it known that she used her half of the money on her sister because they knew she would never get married.
Her mother also makes it known that she is almost 30 with no husband and that she is jealous of her sister because she is 24 and starting a family. Her aunt think she is sleeping with her husband because she will find them alone and having weird conversations. Also, to make matters worse Mia is a whore. really, she will sleep with anyone because she does not believe in love and likes one night stands.
This story has a lot of "pity me" because Mia's family is hard on her. Also her sister goes out of her way to make the rest of the family hate her. Mia will put herself in situations which are funny and could possibly ruin the wedding. The whole family is staying at a huge beach house.
Mia will find herself stuck between 2 men and then also a third. this three men will each have their own funny stories of how they meet and what will happen. I will not ruin it for you because it is the only thing that the book has going for them.
Moral of the story is Mia will find herself and fix the wrongs in her family. She does not believe in love, but one lucky guy might actually change her mind. To make matters worse on top of her constant family drama her boss is not happy with her vacation and her lack of work so to speak. This will be another problem that Mia will have to solve or boo hoo about!