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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

review: outside the ropes by Ashley Claudy

Outside The Ropes by Ashley Claudy     5 amazing stars

 I got this book from publisher in exchange for an honest review..

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this book was simply amazing!!! I couldn't put it down! I cannot wait till I get my hands on the second book :)

I have to warn you there is a cliffhanger and sad parts that could make you cry!!!

This story is about two people one being a girl named Regan who has a lot of issues. By issues I honestly mean issues. She was jumped from foster home to foster home until she decided she could do better on her know. Now homeless, and look for places to stay at night. she finds herself in a bad situation. her best friend lives in a crack house with her brother who deals. She has to deal with big time drug dealers who would do anything to get in her pants or kill her. This doesn't come free. She has to give them money, food, or drugs just to stay one night.
One night Regan was walking home from work and she gets jumped by 4 young guys. She fought and got some really good hits in, but this will land her in the hospital and a new opportunity to change her life. She was offered to start boxing professionally after a video of what happen went viral. She was excited because it was easy money and also scared because the people who saved her where also involved.
Regan will find herself stuck between 2 men who she doesn't know who she wants to be with. One being the police officer who saved her and the other being a boxing partner. Both want to control her and "fix her" Regan is a person who pushes people away and ruins relationships she has a hard time letting people in because of her past, but one of them will be willing to help break the barrier.
The story will also follow a sexy man named Gage. he is a professional boxers will some nice art work :) he has no problem with the ladies but has a shady past that will come back to haunt him. When manager, brother, and him save a wounded girl on the street everything will change. His brother Dexter will befriend her and tell him that she needs help. Dexter notices that Regan has no place to live and instantly wants to help her. He gets her a place with his girlfriend and her 2 other roommates. This will start a forever friendship. What happens when both past collide you ask? a lot of drama, a cat and mouse game of love, and lots of fighting and dialogue that will leave you wanting more.