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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

review: college lust by CJ Lowe

College Lust by CJ Lowe   5 "we shouldn't be doing this" stars!!!!!


this book was just what I needed. It was a short, but fast paced book. I never could put it down because it left me wandering what was going to happen or left in suspense.

This story follows a young man and his first adventures in college. He was leaving his home in the south and going to start a new. He wasn't out of the closet up here, and he didn't know if he was going to tell anyone or keep it to himself. Chet Miller was ready to start his first week in college when his sexy roommate already claimed their room.. the horrible sock on the door.. do not disturb photo: Do Not Disturb dnd3fold.png( this meaning he was getting a little frisky with a girl) Now Chet needed to find something to do for a couple hours..

Chet wanted to use his gift that he got form this brother.. A fake I.D. he found a bar and starting drinking. he was instantly greeted by a charming man. They hit it off and went off for a wild night of fun. Chet not having any sleep the night before went to class to find out that his one night lover was his new professor!!!! WOW!!! now they were both put in an awkward situation... They cannot see each other again it was wrong.. Or was it...

Seth the new college professor trying a start a new life will soon have to try to solve his new problem.. be a great professor or give into lust and see if it is really love...or is Chet just playing the field because Set sees Chet with another young guy more than once....