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Friday, June 12, 2015

Tyler's training by C.J. Lowe

 Tyler's Training 5 "I'll teach you the way" stars :)

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

This by far will be my summer favorite read. it was quick and fast and had my attention the whole time. Tyler moved up to Hollywood with very little money and a dream. He wanted to be stunt movie double. He watched and studied all the action movies and was determined to make it big. The only problem is that he was living in a run down motel that was questionable any time of the day and he was lucky if a soda was his dinner for the whole day. He was getting ready to call it quick and go back home with his tail between his legs when he saw an ad on a bench for stunt school. he was super excited and he was going to make it.

Colt owned the training school, but it has been a long time since he had any students. He used to be the world famous stunt double in all the big movies and had it all..Tyler knocked on his door and he really had to plead his case to let Colt know that he wanted to be a stunt double.

colt took him under his wing, not only in the training school but in general. He fed him, let him change into good clothes and stay in his loft. He told Tyler that when he gets his first movie he can pay him back. Colt had a crush on Tyler. he wasn't going to sleep with his students. Tyler on the other hand was going to have him one way or the other.

After fooling around for a little bit Colt starts to get protective when Tyler gets his first job and causes a big stink. Tyler was going to run away and figure out how to make it on his own. The main actor liked him and he was going to try to use that to his advantage. Can Colt make Tyler understand his actions or will it ruin a perfect relationship in the making. Will Tyler follow down the destruction path? can he take the peer pressure? will he ever make it big and find true love??!!!