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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Driven to date ( better date than never # 7) by Susan Hatler

 Driven to Date by Susan Hatler 

 5 perfect date stars

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

I Have to say that I am honered to be picked to read the last half of Mrs. Hatler's books!!! This is one of my favorite series and I am glad she choose me to review :)

This series continues by telling Jill's story. She is a high powered attorney and is getting ready for her biggest promotion. She was ready to be a manager. She had all her goals coming to order and next would be partner! She told everyone that the job was her's! That is when she got called into the office and was told that she didn't get the promotion and that her boss's nephew is getting her position. Man was she pissed!!!

She had no life, and the funny thing was she had no one to complain to because she worked so much she had no friends. So calling her friends fiance to get advice you knew something was wrong. She told her that she needed to start spending time living and not doing work. So she was going to start today!

well things start to get a little weird because at the party she asks a guy to be her date so she can woo a boss for another firm. She wasn't going to take this not getting a promotion. lightly. The funny thing was the guy who pretended to be her date ended up being her new boss.

this goes on for a while in the story. She uses him as a boyfriend and yet pushes him away because she is bitter. Once she gets the feel of not working so much she will address these feelings for her new boss.

meanwhile she is starting a new organization for the homeless and needs some help. Little did she know that he new boss Ryan also loves to help the homeless. will this new businesses adventure bring them closer together?