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Sunday, November 1, 2015

review: Butterflies don't dance dead by Cia Leah


 4 fast paced stars!!!

I was going through my kindle when I stumbled upon this book, and it caught my interest. I was glad that I decided to read this!!!

This was a very quick and fast read. it was a steady place and had a solid mystery plot. My only complaint would be that it should be longer because I think the author could really make this into a nice suspenseful book!!

Callie was a twin. You would have to say that she was the good twin. Kaley was her twin sister. She was the "bad" twin. She slept around with a lot of men and didn't contact her family much. Callie was just starting to worry about her sister's whereabouts when she got a phone call from the police officer.

Officer Rick Hunter had to tell Callie the news that her twin sister was murdered. Now he wanted to take her to a safe place so she wasn't next. Callie kept seeing a white butterfly that looked like her sister. The butterfly kept giving her clues to things that Callie needed to know to keep her safe. Callie wanted to go undercover to find out who killed her sister. In the mean time a bunch of clues will lead to a even bigger situation and maybe even a new love