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Monday, November 2, 2015

review: Pure Fake by Beverly Scudamore

 Pure Fake by Beverly Scudamore

 5 no one is safe stars!!!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

O.k. When first reading this book you will have to push yourself to keep reading till about 55%. Then the books gets very interesting and the MC not as whiny.

Gina is a poplar girl. Her mother is all about her appearance. She got breast surgery, she is on diet pills that will not let her gain any fat, and she has all the latest clothes and makeup. She is currently dating a guy named Colter. They started dating out of pure luck. See, his girlfriend was caught cheating with her boyfriend. Then by both of them getting hurt drawled them together and they started dating.

Colter's ex girlfriend Mel spread this nasty rumor that he tried to rape her and he got expelled from his school. Mel was so "traumatized" by it that she moved away. Gina never believed those rumors because Colter was a loving boyfriend and they did everything together.

That was until Mel moved back into town. Rumors started spreading that she was going to get a restraining order against him because he kept coming about her. Gina also didn't believe that. She thought Mel just wanted attention since she just moved back. That is when Colter started acting funny. He started taking drugs, almost killed her on a boat, and not to mention he abused her.

Not Gina doesn't know what to do. She forgave him and they are starting over, but when she notices that he hasn't changed no one is safe...