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Monday, November 16, 2015

review: demon street blues ( wicked good witches # 1) by Starla Silver

 Demon Street Blues by Starla Silver

 3.5 this is a good start book...

3.5 stars.... The reason why I gave this book this rating is because the POV switches between sentences, and it was pretty hard to follow at first, but the more I read I kind of got used to it..

This is the first book in the series, and it is more like a get to know you kind of book. This book is about 3 siblings who are to protect the Demon Isle. Their parents died protecting the island and now it is their turn, but some of them don't want to be on the island anymore..

Melinda, she has dreams of the future, and normally if she dreams about you. You are going to die. Simple as that. She is in love with her protector the vampire William. She has been having naughty dreams about him and she doesn't know what to do about that. She also has major panic attacks and cannot leave the house. She doesn't want to leave the house anyway because she thinks everyone think she is a freak. That is until one night she has a dream that her brothers want to be girlfriend.. DIES!!! now she has to find a way to save her and not tell her brother..

meanwhile.. her brother Charlie is a werewolf. he is trying to control his emotions before the full moon so he doesn't change. This full moon it is getting him harder and harder to not change. He has to work with the sheriff about solving a mystery. This mystery will lead them to a sea hag and a women he wants to sleep with and also kill. This girl is the father of the famous author who writes about the supernatural. after playing the hero he finds himself wondering why he has a bad feeling about his girl...

Micheal, the last brother. he is a death reader. All he has to do is touch a dead body and he can see how they died, just like a movie. Well one night when the sheriff called them to work to check on a dead body he will find out more that what he bargained for.. .His mother who died over 4 years ago was the person who killed this man. this leads to one heck of a mystery and a wild goose chase.. Also the girl he is in love with has a paranormal side of her own and will find herself in trouble is these siblings cannot save her.