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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

review: Bye Bye Boyfriend ( two of a kind diaries # 14) by Judy Katschke

 Bye-bye Boyfriend by Judy Katschke
5 just like the show stars..
this was a quick and easy read....

Mary-Kate and Ashley are at a private school. they just found out that the boys school is going to be putting on a play with them. now all the girls want to try out.

Ashley needs to get the lead role because her boyfriend is the lead for the male role and their was a kissing scene. the only problem is Ashley cannot sing. the play is bye bye birdie, so their is lots of singing. She decided to do the next best thing. she wanted to be one of the fan girls.

Mary-Kate loves to sing and act. She was very good at it. She didn't want the lead because she believed she wasn't "Kim" in real life so she wanted to be the next leading role. Well, she ended up getting Ashley's role and creating an enemy. Valerie is the most popular girl in school and she was even on t.v. she wanted that role and was now the understudy

Mary-Kate will find herself dodging pranks so she would lose her role, and also finding a way to no kiss her sister's boyfriend. everything was going great until Mary-Kate got a plan that might end up ruining it all!