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Thursday, November 19, 2015

review: girl of my dreams by morgan mandel


 Girl Of My Dreams

`4 cute stars...
this was a pretty good book.

it is a mix of the bachelor theme. this story is between to characters Julian and Blake. Blake is a t.v. producer and is tired of living in his mothers footsteps. he wanted to make a name for his own work. so he created a show call " girl of his dreams." it is just like the bachelor. everything was going great until his contestant got food poisoning. now he needed one more girl and fast.

Julian was Blake's assistant. After noticing the problem she was suppose to go outside and pick a pretty girl off the street. lets face it who wouldn't want to date a billionaire?! After quick thinking Julian decided to be the contestant. She couldn't let Blake's new show go down in flames. she secretly loves him. now Julian isn't a looker. she has big glasses and is a nerd. the makeup artist made her a bombshell. she was a big hit, even though she wasn't breaking any rules because she was a temp!

now here is where the book got predictable. Julian was thriving in the show while Blake got jealous. and a contestant will try to harm one of them... Julian will have to choose which guy she wants while playing in the game show and not blow it for any of them.