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Thursday, November 5, 2015

review: A Hope In Hell by Jeremy Sterling

 A Hope in Hell by Jeremy Sterling

3 it was o.k. stars...

I got this book on smash words and this was a very quick read.

This story is about a girl name Tasha. She is extremely smart but has a mental disorder. She found herself one day jumping off a bridge hoping to die. Well when she finally hit the icy water and death was creeping up on her she didn't want to die anymore. Long and be hold her savior John pulled her out of the water and offered her a place to stay.

These two have a love/hate relationship. Tasha wants more from him and John doesn't want to take advantage of her. Well one day a Tasha walked in on John sleeping with a demon. She knew this wasn't good. John was going to die. She couldn't let him die. The demon knew that Tasha wanted to die and offered her to join them. There was only one problem. She has a witch spell protecting her from demons.

Tasha knew there was only one way to save John that was a game. demons cannot refuse a game. now if Tasha wins john lives and she dies but if she loses they both die. Can Tasha out smart the demon before it was too late?