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Monday, November 9, 2015

review: Kristy's big day ( babysitters club # 6) by Ann M. Martin, Hodges Soileau

 Kristy's Big Day by Ann M. Martin
5 babysitting stars!!!
This are such a great series, I am glad that I won them in an auction!!!

This story begins when Kristy's mom is getting married. Watson is a millionaire and lives in a huge mansion. Kristy is not exciting about moving because all of her friends live on the other side of town and they have their baby sisters club. Kristy was the president! How was this going to work when she moved!! The move started to seem a little nice when her mother told her she was going to be a bridesmaid and could even wear heels!

Kristy's mom made Kristy help plan the wedding. Due to Kristy's mothers new work schedule they had to bump up the day. All of the relatives where coming in and they all had children plus Watson's friends were coming as well to help out and they brought their children. All the adults had one problem... who was going to watch the children... this seemed like a great job for the baby sitters club!!! they got offered $120 each for a week's job.

Things were going great until all 14 children started to get stir crazy. They split the children up in groups and this is where it gets funny. a trip to the library, movies, park, and back yard turns into a stressful disaster! Can the babysitters club hold it together until the wedding or are they going to have to call Nannie for help?