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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

review: AN unexpected proposal ( Treasured dreams # 4) by Susan Hatler

 An Unexpected Proposal by Susan Hatler

 5 swoon worthy stars!!

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review..

words cannot express how much of a fan I am of Susan
fangirling photo: fangirling tumblr_m78hqt0DAt1rzdozno2_250.gif

she did it again for me! This story is a very short story, but believe me it is still just as great as the other stories!!!

Holly is in love, like drop everything I know what you are thinking in love. She thought life just couldn't get any better. her business what thriving, she has extra money in her saving account, and the love of her life... what could go wrong....

Dave left for a business meeting and got offered the job of a lifetime. If he gets this job he will be leaving and Holly has no idea what to expect. So when Dave came back and wanted to meet at their spot all Holly could think about was...

but if it wasn't goodbye could it be..

a choice will be made and it will either be a sad one or a happy one!