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Saturday, December 12, 2015

review: An unexpected wedding ( treasured dreams # 5 ) by Susan Hatler

 An Unexpected Wedding by Susan Hatler

I have to start off saying Susan Hatler has become my favorite author within these last couple years. I have had the privilege to beta read a lot of her books. I am so thankful!

I have been waiting and waiting since I last read Treasured dreams # 4 to read this book... now we wait photo: harrypotterandnowwewait.gif

So when I got an email last night with this book in my inbox waiting to be reviewed. Words could not express how happy I was..

The day has finally Happend. Holly is going to get married. The problem is when. She has been fighting to set a date since the day her soulmate dave Proposed to her. She is trying to make everyone happy, but in the long run she is not making herself happy. Both her mother and Dave's mother cannot agree with a date. every time one of them said yes to a date they would call back within 10 minutes and say its a no go..

Her best friend thought that she was super stressed out and booked her a free day at the hair salon to try out hair and make up styles for her wedding. thinking after a great "me" day she would be able to sit down and make a date. The only problem is that Holly thinks that Dave is going to break off the engagement because she only seen him once in a couple weeks.

Holly felt great after her spa day and was getting ready to go to lunch with her best friend when something happened....
glee photo: oh snap tumblr_l91zs6D8NO1qd4sqq.gif