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Thursday, December 10, 2015

review: devil in disguise by heather huffman

 Devil in Disguise by Heather Huffman

5 chilling stars!!!!

wow this book!!!!!

Rachel is a famous reporter. she gets super involved in all her jobs. she always has to get the bad guys. she even dates them! she doesn't get along with her mother and her sister barley listens to her. her sister never leaves the computer.

well at Christmas Rachel visits her family and informs her sister that it isn't safe to be in chat rooms all day. her sister stated that she has a date and was excited to wear her new dress that Rachel got her.

Rachel sister's date turned out horrible. she was trafficked and Rachel had to find her, she had to use her ex boyfriend who is in the FBI to help.

meanwhile her old flame came to help even though he was still mad at Rachel for not marrying him. he worked security at a casino and Rachel will find out that he was working with some bad people

Rachel will have to hide to keep the people that she loves safe before it is too late, but what will happen when these traffickers come looking for her?!!!