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Saturday, June 11, 2016

product review: Garcinia Cambogia by slimez

Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss & Appetite Suppressant Dietary Supplement By My SlimEz - 100% Natural & Safe - Contains Non Stimulating Ingredients - Premium, Highly Effective Slimming Aid Product

5 out of 5 weight loss stars!!

I got this product from the company for a free or reduced price in exchange for an honest review....

I first have to say I was worried about trying a weight loss pill because of all the weird side effects or that it just plan wouldn't work. I took these pills as directed (  2 pills daily) I took them 30-60 minutes before my first meal with a full glass of water. After 24 hours of taking these pills I started to not feel as hungry as I used to. I really was only eating about 2 meals a day because I was not hungry. I did drink plenty of water and also added a little bit of exercise. Which was a workout video that I bought.

After two weeks of taking this product I lost 5 pounds which was not water weight. If I had to add in water weight it would be more like 10 pounds. I also noticed that I was not as bloated.  This was a great product and I would tell all stay at home moms that this is a great buy.

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