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Saturday, October 1, 2016

How the Grandmas and Grandpas saved Christmas, Again... Book 2 by Richard J. Gausselin

5 amazing stars!!!

I was approached by the author to read and review this book. I was very excited when I received this email out of the blue. This book was by far my favorite out of the three books in this series.

Well, Mr. Claus just came back from his record breaking run from Christmas and he is now having a meeting with his elves about the latest trends in the toy industry to see how production will be this year. He figured out that the latest trend was electronics. His elves told him that they cannot make then fast enough and that every good kid would not get a toy this year if they had to hand make them.

Mr. Claus HATES machines. He thinks their is not heart or love that goes into making toys, but knows he needs them to stay on track this year for all the girls and boys. He call those machines THEM. he went over to South America to buy machines. He took Mrs. Claus and two of his elves and made a 10 day vacation out of it.

When Mr. Claus came back he ran into a problem. No one knew how to work THEM. He had to pull of a Christmas Miracle. He called back the Grandmas and Grandpas. The only problem was could they make these new machines work?

Now it was up to the Grandmas and Grandpas to pull off the miracle and save the day for all their grandchildren. Could they do it?!