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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

review: rules of harte ( Harte #1)

After taking a couple months off of reading and almost doing anything, I was very impressed with this book. I got this book a couple years ago, and never read it. This was a great start to my reading obsession.
Rules of Harte by Brooke  Harris

4 love your job stars....

This book starts with a girl named Eva. She is from the united states, but moved far away to restart her life. She is not noticed at work, and gets bullied by her boss Mia. One day she gets called to the CEO's office, and she doesn't know what she did because she is a great employee. 

the boss never shows his face. His chair is always turned back, and he explained to Eva that her presence is requested at the work ball. Not everyone is invited to this ball, and she didn't have anything to wear or who would she be going with. She did the only thing a desperate woman would do. She was going to hire an escort. She would show those rude bitches at work who she really was.

Eva started randomly talking to a guy named Jullian. He was suppose to be off this very private site, but she didn't understand how he found her work messages because she never imputed anything. She started going on some dates with him and things quickly started to get heated. She was learning that she wasn't this shy girl everyone thinks she is. This rich man Jullian wanted her to be more confidant.

Over the next few days there would be lots of sex and shopping. She was just starting to be excited for the ball when a coworker started to be interested in her. She was stuck on what to do because things where not clear with Jullian. 

As far as work goes, any girl who gets called into the boss's office is known for sleeping with him. She the only girl who has been called in numerous times and girls are starting to talk. No one believes her when she said nothing is going on. She does not like her boss and finds him very disgusting when it comes to his extra activities. 

Of course no book would be perfect unless it has some added drama. Both Jullian and Eva have a dark past, and these two bring out the worst in each other, and when they decided to part ways Eva was shocked to still see him at the ball, but who he was with was even worse.

To make matters worse we finally met the boss.. can you guess who he is?