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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

review: making her his ( a singular obsession # 1) by Lucy leroux

Making Her His (A Singular Obsession, #1)

5 its a step-family romance

This was such a great book. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series...

This story had be stuck from the start. Alex was a rich billionaire who was taking over his fathers business. he was not happy that he was getting married to an american. he still was not over his mother's death and the thought of a gold digger living at the house was disheartening. His step sister who he thought was a little weird turned out to be a very in shape, smart, girl. Elynn had a passion for different mushrooms and was going to get her PHD for it. He knew after that one brunch dinner that he was going to make her his.

Elynn does not have a good background. She suffered a horrible traumatic past with a guy she went to high school with and he almost killed her. Since his family was also wealthy and had connections in america he did not get in trouble and she was worried that he would find her now. She had no idea that Alex was keeping her safe from the beginning. 

Alex decided when Elynn was 21 that it was time to make her his. He continued their brunch dinners as a family and even started talking to her more when he was out for business. He even got rid of his movie star girlfriends because he wanted her to know that he was serious.

Elynn never had a serious boyfriend before, and Alex was going to be her first and last. These two hit it off right off the back and then smuttyness just came into with this book. Lots of hot sex scenes and it just kept getting better from there.

that was until Elynn old attacker would come back into the mix and change everything...!!