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Sunday, October 23, 2016

review: Calen's Captive ( A singular obsession # 2) by Lucy Leroux

Calen's Captive by Lucy Leroux

5 fairy loving stars...

I have to say I am really liking this series. This story does kind of leave off where the first one ends. The difference is that it is following another person.

Alex's best friend Calen cannot pick his family. His dad is a big Irish mob boss and has he share of spotlight news. Calen decided to go a different way. he has a successful business in opening dance clubs. he was going to be the straight and narrow. He doesn't really see or talk to his family because of the mob connections. One night he was walking around the club and he saw her.. He tried to follow her, but lost her. he has been looking through security footage since that night. He needed to find his fairy...

Maia is a graduate student. She was working on her research so she can finish her PHD. She was getting ready to leave the woods when she spotted that rare butterfly. She needed to take a time stamp picture with her phone so it can be counted in her lab. These butterfly's are not suppose to be living that far north and she was going to make sure it was documented. That was until she always walked off a cliff trying to get the best picture. She didn't realize that she was witnessing two gangsters burying a body. She tried running as fast as she could. If she could just make it to her car she would be safe.

These gangsters caught her and she thought she was going to be buried with that dead body. She was going in and out of conciseness when she found herself in a warehouse all tied up. These men where speaking Russian and she had no idea what was going on. There was an attractive man that was talking to them and stated that he wanted her as payment. She didn't know what that was suppose to mean.

Calen got talked into meeting the russian mob to discuss payment for a matter that killed a family member. He didn't want to get involved because he knows when you start helping it only gets worse. Well when they were talking number Calen saw a girl all tied up. if he wasn't mistaken he would have thought this girl is his fairy. he was going to have her..

Maia was all beat up and when she was at Calen's penthouse she didn't know what to think he kept saying he was going to keep her safe, but she is his now. She didn't want to be sold into the slavery market because she has never been with a man, nor has she kissed a man.

So these two will go back and forth getting to know each other and Calen letting her go back to work. He wants to get married, but Maia doesn't understand why he would like her. Just when things would start to go good with these two a bomb gets dropped.

The russians want their girl back. They have a sick game where they rape girls and cut them up at the same time. Maia was theirs. Calen really loves Maia, but when she finds out that Calen has a sick fairy fetish/collection could that be to much for her to stay. It doesn't help matters that maria look just like a fairy. Short, with orange hair, and small body.

Can these two work out their differences before the Russian try to get their girl? Will maia fall in love with Calen and have their happy ever after? Well, I cannot tell you because their are so many twist and turns in this book that i do not feel like spoiling them!