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Thursday, January 19, 2017

review: Between the stars and sky by David James

Between the Stars and Sky by David     James

3 I was not impressed stars....

Well, I got this book from the library with high hopes. I was not a fan, but decided to finish the book because I know all books can start very slow.

They story is a love story, but not all love stories are happy. This is one of them. There is a lot of poetry in this book. Also, the amount of heartbreak in this story was unreal..

This story is about a boy named jackson. He is a lost soul. He lost his mother and cannot get over the grief. He is not talking to his father because they both cannot come to terms that his mother is gone. ( this mind you took me forever to figure out what exactly did he lose).

Jackson ends up moving back to his home town to start over. His home town is based on the firelight festival. This major event is based off the founder of the town and his love story. That story is really cute and a great foundation for the yearly party that they hold. After that party they have a routine that people jump off the cliff for love. the whole idea of not making it out alive is what brings people to want to do it.

Jackson will want to face his fears and make that jump. A long lost girl from his past will come back to his life and he is crushed when she does not remember him. will he get the girl? Can this girl break him from his dark place? I will have to remind you this book you can tell what is going to happen, but you also hope what you are thinking doesn't happen...