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Sunday, January 8, 2017

review: Killer (pretty Little Liars # 6) by Sara Shepard

Killer (Pretty Little Liars, #6)

4 things start to get real stars....

I can't even tell you how long it has been since I actually got to finish a book! I finally am back in the game :)

Well, I am stupid and decided to watch the ABC Family version of this series. I have to say that if you didn't read these books yet and you watched the show you will be lost. It was close until the last book. Everything is different and at first I was very angry, but now I am really excited that I honestly, have no idea how things are going turn out!

This book continues where the others have left off. Spencer is still trying to gain the love of her family after she stole her sister's paper and won that award. She is convinced that she is adopted and decided to get in touch with this website that helps mothers find their children. She went to new York to met her supposed mother, and things start to get every exciting from there.

Aria will have a lot of drama in this book. She is starting a new relationship which I will NOT give away, lets just say she finally gets what she wants, but is it really what she wants?! She will move out of her mothers house and into her fathers house with his girlfriend who is having a baby. She was not happy about it, but she was getting the moves put on her by her mom's new boyfriend and she did not have the heart to tell her mother. She will uncover a huge secret when she stumbles across major evidence in the disappearance of Ali. Something major happens in the end of this book and Aria will be a huge part of it!

Hannah is still fighting with her soon to be step sister Kate. She is in school and friends with her worst enemy's. Kate and Hannah will start to fight over a boy in her school and it turns into a full out contest to see who can land the guy. The funny thing about this is that this boy is playing both of them, and the end results is just as funny. You can most likely guess what is going to happen, but I will not ruin it for you. Hannah thinks she is smart because she buys a new phone with a private number and has not received any messages from "A" yet. She try's to tell the rest of the girls that they should do the same thing. She still cannot win with her dad, and is trying to get him to love her as much as he loves her step sister.

Lastly was Emily. Her story this time is not as exciting but she still has a lot going on. She is back, and is trying to prove to her parents that she has changed. She is now dating a guy. NO, seriously she is dating a guy and is pretty happy about it. He does not go to their school, and she met him at church. The only problem is that his mother hates her. She makes a lot of horrible comments to her while they eat supper, and even confronts her at a restaurant. This might go down hill, but she wants to tell her new boy toy what is going on. Do you think this relationship is going to last? She will start to fight with the girls when she sees Jason and officer walden in weird locations and when she puts her theory out there for her friends, it starts a nice fight.

this book ends in a cliff hanger so be prepared!