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Saturday, August 17, 2013

book giveaway, two romantic, two suspenseful

 Two Romantic, Two Suspenseful

10 book giveaway from author Harmony Stalter! this author will giveaway 10 books on August 28

Two Romantic, Two Suspenseful has four very different short stories.
The Former Student- A shy girl returns to her school to see the teacher she has always had a crush on still there. When fantasy becomes a reality for them both, the teacher becomes the student.

The Stolen Child – A mother chooses to ignore the warning given to her by a strange and mysterious woman. When her child is taken, it becomes a race against time to rescue the child alive.

My Death- A woman chooses to put her career first, but at what consequence. Witness the accounts of a break up gone terribly wrong.

Dancing the Night Away - Two people, who have been hurt countless times, finally find love in the unlikeliest of places

just post your name, email, format under the commits and you will be entered to win!!

make sure you stop buy and read the review, and interview with the author