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Friday, August 16, 2013

two romantic, two suspenseful

Two Romantic, Two Suspenseful by Harmony Stalter


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I have to say I loved this book, it kept me hooked for a while. This story contains 4 short stories.

i started reading the first story and i have to say, i was there once. Being in high school and looking at all the young teachers. this story is about a young teacher just got out of college and started teaching math. He was happily married and loved his job. There also was a quiet girl in his class. She grew up and went to college and had one goal in mind! Will this love struck teacher contain himself or will he got against the vows of a very good marriage?

the second story really made me cry. I have a child and this would be the worse thing that can honestly happen. Walking along the board walk mother and child continue their daily supper routine. Along the way a creepy old lady stood between them and said that they will be in grave danger. Being a natural mom the lady ran with her kid and made sure all of her house was locked and secure. Naturally the worst happens. The little girl gets abducted. This story will take you thru every parents worse nightmare!

this next story wasn't my favorite, but could easily have been. I feel like their needed to be more to the story. The story was good, but i think it could have been a little longer. A beautiful lady heading to a work party were she was getting an award for her hard work. Not wanting to make a speech in front of a big crowd, she was ready. While walking right in front of her building she was abducted by a psycho. He wanted to kill her. She tried to yell and a co worker thought she saw something but just continued to walk. Her life would be over. Now i will not ruin this story for you, but this is about a lady trying to save her life against a man who just wants to kill anyone. Shockingly this man had been watching this lady for years...Scary!

lastly, this was a great romance story. About a guy who goes to a bar with a bunch of friends, and finds a pretty girl. Not being in the dating game awhile he is out of practice. He take the time and talks to a pretty girl and now both parties are enjoying their time. This is a love at first sight book, and will have you swooning by the time you are finished.