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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Real by Katy Evans

OK, after reading this book their is no other book I can honestly say this...... REMY IS MY BOOK BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been on goodreads for almost a year and have not found one lol so glad i did! now, i am going to sulk till the next book comes out.

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. WOW! I loved this book. I loved the fact that Remy wasn't the villain or the major dominant kind of guy. he was just right :)

Brooke is a girl who had a dream. She left a lot of important things behind to follow this dream. Love, friendship, jobs, etc so she could be a gold medalist in college. She was so close to her dream until the worst thing that could possibly happens, She torn her ACL not once, but twice! Now, the only thing she has going for her are her 2 friends and her college degree in sports therapy. She now has to find a job, and she is getting worried that all the places she put in her resume didn't call her back. She is living with her parents, and is tired of hearing about all the wonderful places her sister has been traveling and why hasn't she done anything with her life yet.

Brooke's best friend Mel made her go with her to an underground fight because Mel is in love with this fighter and she wants to bang him. Mel will yell almost anything you can think of so this fighter can look at her. Brooke wasn't really impressed with the fights because it makes her think about her injury and how can the guys deal with that. Finally the main event is called on the speakers and Mel is going crazy. Brooke looks up and sees the most hottest man in the world. All she could do was stare. The funny thing was He looked at her! he stopped everything and winked at her! Brooke almost couldn't handle it so she started to walk away when the fight was almost over.

Remy is a bad boy. He has a lot of daemons in his past and the only thing that keeps him grounded is fighting, sex, and training. He takes on fighters like it was nothing. Having about 3-4 fights a night for this tournament. Then he sees her. This girl is all he can think about. He jumps out of the ring and walks into the bathroom where she is. he asks her named. She just looks at him! Her friend was nice enough to tell him her name and her number. This girl is Brooke. He whispers in her ear and then leaves. Remy tracks her down and invites her to another fight. His team offers her a job because they Google her and knows she is looking for a job. She accepts!

Mel is going crazy because Brooke is going to nail the guy that she wanted to. Brooke is excited because not only is she happy about her new job and the pay, she is excited that she gets to spend more time with remy. She is planning to have a one night stand with him and she can get out of her funk. The problem is that Remy is playing hard to get. He is sending her mixes signals and she has not idea what to do. She is getting jealous when the team orders hookers to take care of Remy. Brooke finds out that Remy refuses to sleep with the hookers, but is also not sleeping with her. She is begging for it and he will not do it. Brooke is in love, now she is going to have to decide if she can handle Remy and all his daemons.

Brooke spots her sister at one of the fights and she looks bad. Very skinny, and shrunken in. She tried to talk to her but the body guards tried to rough her up and said to leave the scorpions property alone. scorpions is Remy's rival. he cannot stand him, and he told her to never go by him. She her sister has been lying about where she has been and Brooke now knows what she needs to do. Even if it means having Remy go off the hinges. She has to save her sister.

As you can see there is a lot of sexual tension in this book, and i love it. there is also drama. what is a little romance without a little drama!! I am not going to ruin the book for you just know there is betrayal, drama, sex, and love!! such a great book!