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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the dumped club

 The Dumped Club by Ally Symmons

I can't believe that i finished this book within a day. I honestly couldn't put it down. this book had be angry at times, and at other times i felt like i knew what was going to happen before it did.

this book is about a girl named Mardi. She had the perfect life. She living in an apartment that her boyfriend Paul bought for them, and even though she didn't see him very much she knew soon he was going to pop the question. That was until he showed up and told her that he was married. she couldn't believe what he was telling her. he said that he was breaking up with her because his wife was pregnant and that she knew about the affair, and they were working things out. Paul also added that he was selling her apartment to make more money for him and she had less then a week to move out.

Mardi wouldn't let anyone see her cry so she did what any mad woman would do. She threw everything she had at him, tea pot, coffee cup you name it. He finally got the hint and left. Mardi's best friend showed up with wine, and was ready for her weekly session to celebrate her new baby on the way. Mardi couldn't hold her emotions any longer and started crying. her best friend that it would be best if she stayed with her and family for a couple of days.

Mardi was at the house while mardi's brother also staying there from an emotional break up himself. After a night of drinking wine and talking about old times she found herself in a situation. Rob, was her best friend's brother. He offered her to be a "fuck buddy" which means two adults enjoying each others time without any commitment. Once the wine kicked in she had a one night stand with him. After this one night stand Rob told her it would be better if they would move in together because he has an extra room.

this is where it gets kind of funny. while Mardi got a new job with a construction company and started changing her life for the good. She was enjoying Rob's company. he cooked for her. They had weekly dinner dates and everything seemed fine. that is until Rob started acting weird. She knew it would be to good to be true. To top off her day, Paul found her at her new job and told her that he still loved her and that he wanted to take her out of the country, and start a new. he also said that everything that his wife said was a lie. Mardi will find out the old work gossip with she finally meets face to face with an old employee who tells her some life shattering news.

will Mardi be suckered into another back relationship with Paul? Will mardi and Rob finally discuss their feelings for each other?! well, you are going to have to read to find out!

i got this book from steam e reads in exchange for an honest review. Note: being giving this book has not effect of my opinions for this book.