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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

shamless ambition

 Shameless Ambition by Robert Fanshaw

i got this book from steamy e reads in exchange for an honest review.

i honestly didn't like this book it was all over the place following a bunch of people that i actually got lost reading this book.

this book is about a girl named Caroline. she is happily married, and away on a work retreat. She had a one on one with her boss Melody. She told Caroline that she needed to find her inner person. While trying to figure out what they is, Caroline pleasure herself out in the pool of the hotel room. She got the attention that she wanted because she finds herself cheating with one of her new co-workers.

then while on a job assignment she found herself again lusting over another co-worker Clive. She was hot and decided to jump into a steam in her undies. He joined her and when they got out they got naked and needed up fooling around.

Caroline doesn't know that her boss has been taking pictures of her and catching everything that she does. Sid and Melody makes Caroline go to germany and seduce their big boss. she catches on and is now working on a way to tell her husband because she knows things are going to happen

now things get weird because Caroline's friend Antoine is told by her boss Melody that she needs to invite Caroline's husband to her house because he is lonely and he might be sleeping with his co worker and she needs to find out so Caroline can do a good job while out of town. o tYou can guess what happens. this book continues to add it's own drama and you will either love this book or hate it.