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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the vampire's gallery

 The Vampire's Gallery by Antoinette M.

i got this book as a giveaway from the library thing. It wasn't a great book, but it was ok. this book ends with a huge cliff hanger.

there was a lot, and i mean a lot of sex in this book. for only being 80 pages i thought they could tone it down a notch..

this book is about a girl who goes on an internet dating website and sets up a profile because she is looking for a one night stand. She finds her match Jamie when they meet at a bar.

after a couple of drinks, she invites him to her house. he tells her that he is going to kill her and drink all of her blood. she then starts ranting that she is going to die a virgin and if she was going to die then she was at least going to have sex.

so as you can see they have sex. she wakes up calling Jamie master and doesn't realize why she is doing it. he decided to change her into a vampire because he is smitten by her and she is now his corset.

now she needs to meet the vampire family and there are a lot of people who are not happy. so there is a tad bit of drama in this book and a lot of sex.