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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

your favorite girl

 Your Favorite Girl by Steph Sweeney

i have to first say i got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

to all my friends, there is no cliff hanger ending to please feel free to read this book. i still think you will be wanting to read the 2nd one right away, but it wont leave you frustrated.
this book was like nothing i ever read before. this was such an interesting read, that i spent my whole Saturday having to finish this book before i did anything!
there most likely be spoilers in the book because i might not be able to contain my excitement for this book.

Melissa Reed is living the kind of life women on the outside looking in would love to have (or so they think) Her husband Ted is a millionaire but that is where the story book part ends, she catches him cheating with the young neighbor girl and realizes this is probably not the first time or the first girl. She knew that this would happen because when she turned 18 she was able to have ted leave his wife for her. She goes as far as letting the girl into their sex life. when this girl goes to college it only made the married worse because her faithless husband misses her which makes Melissa very angry and almost in raged.

After snooping in his wallet, she finds a card for "Your Favorite Girl Inc."

Melissa decides to see for herself what exactly "Your Favorite Girl Inc" is. She is under the assumption it's a adult club or escort service of some sort; however what she stumbles on is an underground company sn their own sexual experiences themselves. Melissa always had a thing for women so she didn't feel bad about doing it. now after this is over she finds out that they make numerous kind of sex dolls that are like humans. after sees first hand what a bunch can do she buys own her for husband because she wants him to pay and also loose all his money in the process. she thought it would be a great way to teach him a lesson.

The tables turn very fast once she returns home and the doll is delivered. Her husband is blown away when he finds out what she has purchased for him. Things go absolutely crazy after the doll is unpacked and let out. but things go very wrong

Melissa finds herself in a situation that she feels the need to help all the others and even get herself killed. this is where you will have to read the rest of the book to find out what i am talking about. just know that there is a lot of sex, action, lies, and much much more. this book will leave you wanting more.