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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

review: Promise me something

Promise Me Something by Sara Kocek     5 very sad teary stars

i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review...

WOW! i can't believe i have read another heart drenching book.

this book could totally change a person. what would you do if your friend is a little different. then you turn your back on them, and find out they killed themselves? well, that is this book.

Reyna had to go to a new school this year. out of all years she is going to be a freshman. That was the most hurtful news she could take. leaving all of her friends to start new. On top of the stress of starting a new school, Reyna has to take care of her father. Her father was in a horrible car accident, and barley survived. The person in charge of this accident is her father's girlfriend. Reyna cannot stand her.

Reyna starts school, and no one talks to her. She is like an outcast. Until one day a shy, weird looking girl befriends her. Her name is Olive.
she asked a million questions, and just says what is on her mind. Reyna doesn't know what to think of olive, but takes the friendship. they start working on tons of school projects together, and even sit together at lunch. Reyna quickly finds out that Olive is troubled. she constantly says she hates her mother. Reyna finds that offensive because her mother died at 7 from a drunk driver. Reyna is all about the church because that is what keeps her mom's memory clear to her. Olive gets mad fun of at school. She is the main target to everyone at school. She gets bullied hard. The only of who doesn't is Reyna, and the gay boy Timmy. There is a history teacher that hates gay kids. He made one kid go the crazy house. He will make fun of each kid every chance he gets. no one ever says anything about it.

Reyna is fighting her own daemons. Reyna's old friends have stopped talking to her. The conversations are to a bare minimum. She finally gets to sleep over with her friends so she invites Olive. Not one of her friends like her. They make fun of her because she is prude. Reyna stands up for Olive, and now is outcast by her own friends.

Olive finally invites Reyna over to their house. Olive's mom is an alcoholic. Olive is embarrassed by it, and now Reyna understands. Reyna starts to sleep over. Olive showed Reyna a stash of booze in her drawers. She said she took them from her mom so she couldn't drink anymore. Reyna try some with Olive and she starts to spill all of her old friend's secrets. while all she is going on, Olive tells Reyna that she is gay. Reyna doesn't know what to think. So she bolts out of Olive's room and out of the sleepover.

Reyna then stops hanging out with olive all together. She finds herself in the in crowd and forced to make a major decision. She starts to bully olive. She thinks she is doing the right thing. She has tons of friends, and even a boyfriend. Till she finds out the worst

little does everyone know that olive is suicidal. She goes to chat rooms and talks about it all the time. She invites a friend from the chat room to live in her shed. They like to lay on the train tracks and read poetry.

that is until one day Reyna sees on the news about a horrible event. She runs over or Olive's house to find a stack of notes. This was Olive's last note. it blamed her. IT said she warned Rayna of her troubles from the beginning. Says that Reyna is a coward. Never stands up for her own thoughts. now it is time for Reyna to make a tough decision, and stand up to the teacher who picks on the gay kids. that is until a shocking discovery will change everybody.