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Friday, December 6, 2013

book review for Stirring up trouble

 Stirring Up Trouble by Juli Alexander                                        a 5 star read!

I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..

this was a very quick read, it was cute, and i needed something simple..

Zoe is a witch. not like the typical witches that you read about. Her mother is also a witch, but the funny thing is that she sucks at it. See when you are a witch you have to choose between using spells or potions. Both Zoe and her mother picked Potions. The thing with witches it once you use a potion there is always a price to pay. So, Zoe and her mother do a lot of community service to help "pay for their actions" sometimes when you feel like are helping someone, you still get punished for it.
Zoe has a best friend name Anya. She has been dating this guy Jake for over 3 years. Zoe loves Jake. she is always the third wheel, but goes along with it because she is in love. Well, the best thing happens. Jake and Anya break up. Now, Zoe has to decide if she should be brace and ask Jake out and risk her friendship or let it ride to see what happens. Anya already moved on with a guy named Brad. He has a history of blowing thru girls, but at the moment they were happy. Jake started talking to Zoe more, and for some reason was making Anya's green eyed monster show up.
Well, what could possibly go wrong with a budding relationship right? during class Jake mentions how mad he is that his mother is dating again. Zoe explains to Jake that she is not to found of her father's dating either. Jake names the current boyfriend of his mother and long and behold it is Zoe's dad. how horrible is that. The man that Zoe loves is now in a dating circle with her family. Jake gets this perfect plan to make their parents angry, and Zoe cannot say no because she loves him.
Meanwhile, Zoe's mother is a famous tv show host she. She does makeover to houses and bedrooms. She decided that she was also going to fix Jake's bedroom because a last minute cancel leaves her desperate. Little did Zoe know that her mother would become best friend's with her ex's lover.
You will find Zoe in a bind when she makes a love spell to keep brad and Anya together. She has to find a way to work off her punishment, and also find a way to make Jake fall in love with her. Anya will fight with Zoe when she finds Jake and her kissing.
Relationships will be tested when Zoe's witch friend comes to visit. Milo is now grown up. he grew a couple feet and slimmed down. he is now hot. Zoe cannot stop looking at him. She finds herself torn between to men, and she will have to choose what she wants the most. This book continues, but their is no cliffhanger so enjoy!