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Sunday, July 27, 2014

review: If you find me

 If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch     5 mystery stars :)

I need more....!!!!

This has to be one of the best books that i have read this year. I honestly think their needs to be a second one because i am left with lots of questions!!!

This is a heartbreaking tale of child abuse. This book is not for the weak stomachs. Carey was stolen as a child. Her mother kidnapped her from her father. she was a drug addict. She took Carey far out in the woods of Tennessee. Carey has a little sister named Jenessa. They never went to a school, ate hamburgers, or seen things like Christmas. Both of these girls life will change in a matter of days.

Carey's father came out in the woods with a social services worker and took the girls from a camper in the woods. they had no water, food, or anything for months. Carey was told lots of stories by her mother about how bad her father was. She didn't want to go with this man, but if she said no the girls would be split up. The thing with Carey's sister is that she won't talk. She started this a couple years ago. The only person she talks to is Carey, but that is only at a whisper.

this story will then on go on to the lives of Carey and her sister adapting into the "real world" it is really funny to see how she sees things and how she is adjusting. now, lets add in a new step mom and step sister. Her new mother is very loving and trying everything to make them fit in and feel loved. Her step sister Delaney is jealous. Her whole life she had to listen about finding carey and how she was going to adjust and survive. It is funny to hear her fight with Carey. and slowly build their relationship.

Carey will have to start high school and learn fast how mean kids can be. on top of everything lets add in a first best friend, and a real crush. this book will have you hook from the first 2 pages, and then you will have no choice but to finish it.