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Thursday, July 3, 2014

review: Tears for my master (Cat's First Punishment, a BDSM Short) (Punish Me)

 Tears For My Master (Cat's First Punishment, a BDSM Short) by Lara Simon  4 stars..
Here is another short story that i found on my kindle... this was a enjoyable read.

this story is about a girl named cat who got herself a nice job in an office with a mysterious man as her boss.. She never got to actually go in his office to talk to him. he always emailed or called.

One day she totally messed up a project and he yelled at her. for some reason his anger excited her in was she didn't understand. So, she made it a game to make him angry.

well, one day this game went a little to far when he actually punished her, and things started to change....