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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review: one evil summer ( fear street # 25 ) by R.L. Stine

One Evil Summer (Fear Street, #25)
 5 she is evil stars...

I love these books!! Still happy that I won so many at the auction...

This story is about a girl named Amanda. Her summer was supposed to be fun watching her brother and sister at the beach house with no worries. Then she had to go and fail algebra. Now she was stuck in summer school, at a new school because they parents wanted a getaway, but still work.

Amanda's mother now has to hire a mother's helper..a.k.a a babysitter. A pretty girl randomly shows up at the house answering the ad. Amanda doesn't have a good feeling about her because her cat starting hissing and the birds stopped chirping. Amanda's mother feel in love with her and hired her right away. She moved in that same day.

The new babysitters name is Chrissy. She claimed to have a twin sister Lilith and she was in a coma. she stated that she lived with her aunt outside of town. Amanda's parents felt sorry for her because on top of her sister being in the hospital she said that her parents died in a car accident. Well, since Chrissy started living at the beach house weird things started happening.

A car magically started to have a mind of its own and tried to kill her siblings, she saw Chrissy floating, and she is pretty sure she saw Chrissy looking like a demon. She tried to explain this to her parents, but nothing will be done. they think she is too stressed out and losing her mind.

Amanda befriends a cute boy in her algebra class and he is willing to help her figure this out. Dave told Amanda that the house Chrissy put in on her resume is a scary mansion that nobody has lived in for years do to a murder. Also no one can get a hold of her references. Every time Amanda or her friends find evidence against Chrissy something bad happens. Now Amanda is in Juvenile detention fighting for her life. she is charged with murder and no one will believe her. Can she prove she is innocent and Chrissy is evil, or will she be stuck their for life