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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

review: Stolen Angel ( singular obsession # 3) by Lucy Leroux

Stolen Angel by Lucy Leroux

2 not impressed stars..

alright, I have to say this book was not my favorite and I lost interest in the book half way through. I felt like I had to make myself finish it...

This book does not start off where any of the other two leave off. It does continue with Alex's friends.

Sergei was a multi-billionaire who ran his own companies. He was very business smart and knew what business he was going to buy or sell. He had to assistants who helped him with his day to day affairs. Tim was the one who did his scheduling and after work agenda. Ada was the one who wrote his business reports and prepped him for all of his meetings. It didn't help matters that he was in love with her. She always kept things so professional and never pushed for anything else to happen. Sergei waited one day till all of his workers left so he could kiss her. She didn't push away or complained so he knew what his next challenge was going to be.

Ada had a bad past. Her parents where hunted down and killed. She made it and her uncle is now helping her stay safe. Every couple months she would move and change her identity and start a new life. She was taking a risk staying at this job for as long as she is. The money was good, and she was treated good, so she was trying to her best to stay safe..

Then one night when Tim and Ada had to go with Sergei for a business trip she did was she said she wasn't going to do.. She got drunk. Sergei took it upon himself to take her out to dinner. One thing lead to the next and they ended up sleeping together. Sergei woke up and found tons of bruises on her and freaked out he left with no note or anything. Ada started to feel some type of way when she finally did wake up from her hangover. so she did what any girl would do.. she left..

When work returned Sergei treated Ada like shit. He even rubbed it in that he was going to see his wife. Tim Couldn't stand it because he was in love with Ada. Only if they knew what her real name was!! Ada was tired of being treated the way she did so she got a hold of her uncle and she was ready for her move.

No one knew what happen to Ada. Sergi got his team to find her and no one knew what happen to her. All they knew was she wasn't who she said she was.. He was going to find her. After what she pulled before she left, he owed her that..

Is Ada safe? how long can someone run before it is too late. Does she love her boss? lots of questions!